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DateTitleDepartmentReference #
Hide details for 01/02/201801/02/2018
Assistant or Associate ProfessorMusicF-9842-17-12
Hide details for 12/29/201712/29/2017
Assistant/Associate Professor or Clinical Assistant/Associate ProfessorProsthodontics and Digital TechnologyF-9696-17-12-F
Hide details for 12/27/201712/27/2017
Clinical Assistant Professor - PsychologistPsychiatryF-9846-17-12
Nurse Practitioner / Physicians AssistantUrologyF-9841-17-12
Hide details for 12/22/201712/22/2017
Assistant/Associate ProfessorMedicine - GastroenterologyF-9582-17-12-F
Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatryF-9660-17-12-F
Clinical Assistant Professor - Full Time Southampton and Stony Brook CampusOccupational TherapyF-9845-17-12
Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry/Clinical PsychologistPsychiatryF-9779-17-12-F
Hide details for 12/20/201712/20/2017
Clinical Instructor - Nurse PractitionerMedicine, Nephrology and HypertensionF-9840-17-12
Hide details for 12/13/201712/13/2017
Assistant Professor of Medicine (Multiple Positions)MedicineF-9780-17-12-F
Hide details for 12/12/201712/12/2017
Clinical Associate/Full ProfessorNeurologyF-9590-17-12-F
Hide details for 12/05/201712/05/2017
Assistant/Associate/Full ProfessorBiomedical InformaticsF-9760-17-12-F
Hide details for 12/04/201712/04/2017
Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatryF-9688-17-11-F
Hide details for 11/21/201711/21/2017
Assistant Professor / Associate ProfessorCivil Engineering, CEASF-9839-17-11
Hide details for 11/16/201711/16/2017
Clinical Instructor - Nurse PractitionerRadiology, Interventional RadiologyF-9838-17-11
Clinical Instructor - Physician's AssistantMedicine - Cardiology - EPF-9808-17-11-F
Hide details for 11/14/201711/14/2017
Clinical Instructor - Nurse PractitionerSurgery - Vascular / PediatricsF-9837-17-11
Hide details for 10/06/201710/06/2017
Clinical Assistant/Associate ProfessorPediatrics, Developmental/BehavioralF-9596-17-10-F
Hide details for 10/05/201710/05/2017
Clinical Assistant Professor/Clinical Associate Professor (Full time or Part time)PathologyF-9736-17-09-F
Hide details for 09/29/201709/29/2017
Chief, Division of NeonatologyPediatrics, NeonatologyF-9527-17-09-F
Clinical Assistant/Associate ProfessorPediatrics, NeonatologyF-9569-17-09-F
Clinical Assistant/Associate ProfessorPediatrics, Critical Care MedicineF-9496-17-09-F
Clinical Instructor/Assistant Professor - Clinical PsychologistPediatricsF-9512-17-09-F
Hide details for 09/28/201709/28/2017
Clinical Assistant/Associate ProfessorPediatrics, Primary CareF-9534-17-09-F
Nurse Practitioner, Clinical InstructorPsychiatryF-9674-17-09-F
Hide details for 09/27/201709/27/2017
Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatryF-9515-17-09-F
Nurse Practitioner, Clinical InstructorPsychiatryF-9640-17-09-F
Nurse Practitioner, Clinical InstructorPsychiatryF-9641-17-09-F
Hide details for 09/11/201709/11/2017
Assistant ProfessorApplied Mathematics and StatisticsF-9745-17-09-F
Hide details for 09/07/201709/07/2017
Assistant/Associate Professor of MedicineDepartment of Medicine, Division of PulmonologyF-9816-17-09
Hide details for 09/01/201709/01/2017
Open RankEconomicsF-9799-17-07
Hide details for 08/28/201708/28/2017
Associate or Full ProfessorRadiology - Cancer CenterF-9801-17-07
Hide details for 08/22/201708/22/2017
Clinical Assistant or Associate Professor (Multiple Positions)NeurologyF-9173-17-08-F
Hide details for 08/15/201708/15/2017
Assistant/Associate ProfessorPediatrics, GeneticsF-9518-17-08-F
Clinical Assistant/Associate ProfessorPediatric Hospitalist MedicineF-9669-17-08-F
Hide details for 08/08/201708/08/2017
Endowed Chair and Endowed ProfessorInstitute for Advanced Computational ScienceF-9471-17-08-F

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