Title:Moving Expense Reimbursement Request and Authorization Form - Research
Type:For RF Employees
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Form Date:08/04

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Instructions and Examples:

The Moving Expense Reimbursement Request and Authorization Form must be completed according to the policy and procedure described in “Moving Expenses: Requesting and Processing Reimbursements.”

Complete the form as follows:
    Amount: Enter total dollar amount of reimbursement.

    Tax Classification Amount: Enter the dollar amount of each expense, in the qualified or nonqualified column.

    Payment To: Detail the amount paid to the employee or third party.

    Total: Enter the total for each column. Combined totals for each column must equal the total amount reimbursed.

Documentation Required:

The following table lists the type of documentation required for each type of qualified moving expense. Attach the appropriate documentation to this form.

Qualified ExpenseDocumentation Required
Packing Authorized certificate of packing
Moving Canceled check or original receipt from mover AND itemized invoice
ShippingReceipted bill of lading
Storage Cancelled check or original receipt AND itemized invoice
Mileage current IRS reimbursement rate for moving expenses ( note: This rate should not be confused with the corporate travel reimbursement rate for mileage)
Meals and Other Expenses Original Receipts

Revision History:
08/04 - Form Creation

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