Category:Account Signatory
Title:*RETIRED FORM* Record of Authorized Signatures for Fiscal Transactions (RF)
Type:For RF
Format:Adobe Acrobat (PDF)1Microsoft Word/Excel
Size:0 KBytesNot Available
Form Date:11/12

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An on-line electronic signatory system (E-RAS) is available that makes it easier for Account Directors (or their designated Account Assistant) to update their signatory Delegates without the need to send in forms, except for the one-time collection of the actual signature on a specific form.

It is strongly recommended that you go to Procurement's website linked above to learn more about E-RAS and to update your Delegate information on-line instead of submitting this form.

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1 To save a completed PDF form, you will need to purchase Adobe Acrobat Standard. The freely distributed Adobe Reader will not save any filled-in information on PDF forms, but will allow you to print.