Prosthodontics & Digital Technology
Update Digital Technology

Date: 02/28/2015

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Prosthodontics & Digital Technology
Update Digital Technology

Interdisciplinary treatment utilizing digital technology is the foundation of this meeting and all the expert teams and clinicians who will be speaking will illuminate that. The different dental teams participating in this unique event will bring real-world dentistry straight from their practices to the symposium stage and will engage each other and the audience, discussing and debating the best possible treatments utilizing the latest technology. Audience members will play an important role as they interact about the cases presented, pose questions to the teams and determine by vote who will have the honor of being distinguished the first-ever Digital Team Champion!

The use of computer-aided tomography, computer assisted treatment planning, computer-guided surgery and CAD/CAM fabrication of restorations has been available for a variety of applications. Research and experiences with this technology allows us to fine tune its use and understand its applications and limitations better than ever before. The use of these advanced technologies will be demonstrated and reviewed by expert teams. Advantages, disadvantages and limitations will be discussed to ensure maximum benefits of computer technology to a successful treatment for the dentist and dental technician.


    1. To help clinicians to further their training in all aspects of digital dentistry and related treatments
    2. To teach practitioners to safely provide digital dentistry as part of a comprehensive surgical & restorative treatment plan
    3. To foster the professional networking as an enriching experience
6. Instructors:
    1. Dr. Marcus Abboud
    2. Dr. Jose Calvo-Guirado
    3. Dr. David Garber
    4. Dr. Gerhard Stachulla
    5. Dr. Ali Murrat Kokat
    6. Dr. Kenneth Kurtz
    7. Dr. Lars Hanson
    8. Dr. Aldo Leopardi
    9. Dr. Gary Orentlicher & Dr. Leonard Kobren
    10. Dr. Mary Truhlar
    11. Dr. Enrico Steger
Tribeca Grand Hotel
2 Avenue of Americas,
New York, NY.

CDE Credits: 7.5 CDE Credits (Lecture)
Date: Friday, June 13, 2014
Time: 8:00am – 5:30pm (Breakfast & Lunch will be included)
Fees: $299.00 (prior to June 3); $399.00 (after June 3)

    Please note: Refunds will only be issued ten or more days prior to a workshop. After that, credit will be given for a future workshop.

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