Position Description and Advertisement Requisitions (PDAR)

PDAR is a Lotus Notes application that assists and facilitates the job creation, review, approval, posting and advertisement requisition process. This electronic format eliminates five paper forms (SUSB37, Position Description, Ad Request, Ad Text and the first page of the SUSB68).
After completing this interactive computer based training class, participants will be able to:
    • Create and clone job requisitions/PDARs
    • Create waiver forms
    • Create advertisement requests
    • Understand the uses of reclassification, promotion, increased duties, FAST TRACK
    • Utilize the Employment Tracking System (ETS)
Course Prerequisites:
Participants must have a current Lotus Notes account, and should be computer proficient.

Contact hrs_training@stonybrook.edu to be put on the waiting list.

Position Description and Advertisement Requisitions (PDAR)

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