FMLA & Medical Related Leaves Training for State and RF Employees

What is FMLA? The first half of this workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), providing them with an understanding of how Human Resource Services implements this Federal Law. The second half of the workshop will address: State Time & Attendance guidelines, coordinating FMLA with other leave entitlements such as Sick Leave at Half Pay, or Presidential Sick Leave, and will briefly review Maternity/Paternity Leave & the Leave Donation Program for State employees. The workshop will conclude with a brief overview of other types of Leaves such as Americans Disability Act, Short Term Disability and Workers Compensation for State and RF employees.

Target Audience: VP Coordinators, Dept. Heads, & Managers who are responsible for administering campus policies on the West Campus, South Campus, HSC, Manhattan, and Southampton.

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FMLA & Medical Related Leaves Training for State and RF Employees

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