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Completion of this form is not a guarantee of your reservation. Events must be requested 15 Business Days in advance *. Audio/Visual and room setup requirements must be finalized 10 days in advance. Please take a moment to read our policies & procedures in order to ensure your reservation has been submitted correctly. A deposit is required for all reservations upon confirmation of your request.

Note to Student Groups: BEFORE you complete this form, you are required to meet with your Student Activities Advisor and must obtain a clearance note from the advisor.

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  • If your event spans multiple, consecutive, days (a 2-day conference, etc...), it is a Multi-Day Event.
  • * If your event is complete in one calendar day (a 2 hour lecture & reception, etc...), it is a Single-Day Event.
  • * If your event is a single-day event that repeats every week/month/semester, etc... it is a Single-Day Event and EACH occurrence of that event must be reserved separately.
  • Performances and Rehearsals held on separate days are considered Single-Day Events and each must be reserved individually.
  • * Note for Repeating Single-Day Events: Complete and submit this form for the first event, then use your browser's back button to return to this form, change the date and resubmit. Continue until all repeats are covered.
* You may use the Short Form for these requests provided you are on Campus and not using an off campus caterer.

Event Name:

Date & Time formats MUST be MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM XM (i.e., 09/28/2006 10:30 AM)
On the pop up calendar, it is easier to select the time of your event and then the date. Click the hours/minutes to make them increase. Hold the shift key down while clicking the hours/minutes to make them decrease.

If an event is expected to last until mid-night, please use "MM/DD/YYYY 11:59 PM" - do NOT use 12:00 AM.

PLEASE verify that all date fields are complete and in the correct format!

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Food & Beverages:

Are you serving any food or beverages?
If yes, you MUST submit the approved food permit TEN BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF EVENT when outside caterers are used.
    If Yes, you MUST complete the following:
    Food & Beverage:
    Start Time:

    End Time:

    Caterer is:
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*Are you serving any alcohol?
If you are serving alcohol AND are using an outside caterer, you MUST complete the New York State Alcoholic Beverage Control Special Permit and submit it with the appropriate fee to the appropriate address at least 15 BUSINESS DAYS prior to the event. You will find the Permit and Instructions on the Policies & Procedures Page.

Facility needed:

(Please check all that apply) Capacity depends on the set-up of the room. Theater style has the maximum capacity, and U-Shaped style has the minimum capacity. The rooms are linked to floorplan files in Adobe Acrobat format. You will find room-specific setup notes for the rooms on these files. Please remember to select a desired Room Set up for EACH Location you select.

Maximum Capacity using Theater Style
CheckLocation (Click for floorplan)Room Set up:SeatedStanding
Meeting Room 101 53114
Meeting Room 102 50108
Meeting Room 103 3372
Meeting Room 104 46100
Meeting Room 201 126271
Meeting Room 301 113242
Chapel # 86200
Main Lobby # 490600
Theater Lobby # 270500
Zodiac Gallery # 210300
Skylight Lobby # 130200
Exterior Garden #N/AN/A400
Any available space for groupGroup size:
* If you request these facilities, you must contact AV Services Office (631)632-1977.
# If you request these facilities, you must contact the Wang Facilities Office (631)632-1941.

Estimated Attendees:
# # # #

Description & Intent of Event: (a copy of the event agenda would be appreciated)

Do you need access to the loading dock (Please refer to our policies & procedures)?

Audio Visual Support: (You must check one of the following boxes:)

Wireless Network: Do you need access to the Wireless Network for your event?

Other Event Related Requests:
Please provide detailed information if you need any special services. Note: this field is not for Audio Visual Support:

Policies & Procedures:
Please be sure you have read, understand and agree to all the following policies & procedures. You must check off the box to signify that you have read and agree to each policy and procedure to submit this request:
  1. Requesting a Reservation from the Wang Center
  2. Reservation Confirmation Fee for events sponsored by Stony Brook University
  3. Deposit for Renting a Facility for external Groups only
  4. Reservation Confirmation
  5. Audio Visual Needs
  6. Room Set- Up
  7. Food and/or Beverages at your Event
  8. Occasional Users Revocable Permit
  9. Right to Cancellation
  10. Wang Center Parking Policy
  11. Use of Campus Facilities